Advice from Media Style London : How to Avoid Modelling Scams

Advice from Media Style London How to Avoid Modelling Scams

Media Style London cares about the safety and security of our modelling professionals. Modelling can be a lucrative and enjoyable career. However, young aspiring models should be aware of the dangers. There are a lot of dishonest people out there. Being aware of deceitful tactics will help you avoid modelling scams that can put you in harm’s way. Below are the top rules from Media Style London to keep yourself and your model friends safe:

Media Style London– Rule 1: Use Safe Locations Only

Modelling business requires in-person interactions. Sooner or later, you will have to go in front of the camera and you will be called to go to a studio for a photo shoot. It can be an exciting opportunity. You might feel like you have found your big break. However, even as you celebrate your good fortune, you should practice caution.

Avoid any invitation to a hotel or a backstreet studio. Professional companies will have a team of people. The photographers are generally accompanied by makeup artists and hair stylists. Be wary of situations where you feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way. Professional photoshoots should not make you feel unsafe.

If your instincts tell you, something isn’t right, leave the premise immediately. Your safety comes first. You can always get another job. You should not prioritize career over safety.

Professional and legitimate modelling companies are aware of the threats models face every day. So they will always ensure the location is safe. Only scammers will not care about your need for a safe place.

Media Style London: – Rule 2: Use Legitimate Payment Methods

When you are starting out, money is often in short supply. So it’s unconscionable that people would steal from an aspiring model. But scammers are not nice people and they have persuasive ways of siphoning money from you.

If you have to put booking deposits for test shoots, make sure that you have receipts for the payments. It guarantees that you will have a legal claim to a refund. Use legitimate payment methods like Paypal or Worldpay. If you don’t feel comfortable with these payment methods, ask the company to provide bank account details. Generally, companies that have accounts with respectable banks like Barclays and Santander Bank are legitimate modelling companies. You are less likely to be scammed by businesses that maintain accounts with respectable banks.

Media Style London: – Rule 3: Bring a Friend or Family Along

To avoid modelling scams, always bring someone with you. Genuine modelling agencies will let you bring at least 1 person to the photoshoot. Even if the person is not allowed to accompany you to the set, they should be allowed to look around the studio, make sure you are safe and even wait for you outside. There is no reason for a legit modelling company to raise objections to your friend or family to be nearby for your safety.

Zera Models are aware that our younger models are the most vulnerable. That’s why we ask our aspiring talent who are younger than 22 to bring their parents along for any test shoots.

Modelling requires concentration and dedication to the art of being present in the moment. We don’t want our models to be distracted by the uncertainty of an environment. The presence of parents ensures that our talents can concentrate on the task at hand and give their best. Also, it shows that Media Style London is a legit modelling company  with the best intentions for our talents.

Media Style London – Rule 4: Check Terms and Conditions


Modelling is a professional business and all businesses need to adhere to legal rules and regulations. You should always be aware of your rights as a business professional and understand your contractual obligations. If necessary, ask for help from a lawyer.

Whenever you make a test shoot appointment, always ensure you have a copy of the terms and conditions. It is part and parcel of working as a professional. Feel free to ask the person booking you to provide you with a contract or terms and conditions document. The person should be able to email you a digital copy or give you a physical document within 24 hours of the booking. Be aware that the terms and conditions are sometimes part of the application that you submit. In that case, make sure you have a photocopy of the application

Media Style London review process takes into account all your legal rights. Our terms and conditions ensure that you are entitled to a refund of your booking deposit if you fulfill all the contractual obligations. It’s always a good idea to take a look at the terms and conditions before you sign any document.

Media Style London – Rule 5: Never Pay to Join an Agency

Legitimate modelling agencies will never ask for upfront money from you. You should never pay to join an agency. Media Style London review scrupulous agencies that prey on the inexperience of young models. We can provide you with a list of companies to avoid modelling scams.

Generally, the shady agencies will make false promises. They will minimize the need for a professional portfolio and encourage you to pay them money instead. They will tell you that they can find you jobs or send you to casting calls without a professional portfolio.

Ask yourself the following common sense questions:
1. Am I likely to get a job if I turn up to a casting call with no portfolio while my colleagues have professional portfolios to showcase their work?
2. Why would a legitimate agency take £50 from me when they can make a lot more money through a 15% commission? For a £3000-£5000 photo shoot, a 15% commission would mean £450-£750.

Financially, an agency is more likely to be motivated to find a job for you because their income will depend on your income. Also, you are more likely to get hired when you have a professional portfolio.

Zera Models is a safe and secure place for aspiring models. We help you avoid modelling scams and build a solid foundation for your career. If you are looking for free guidance, our experts can help you navigate the maze of the modelling world.